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Apache offers a range of services that put your welfare first
We are a small company that employs a small number of fully experienced and capable staff. We engage Live Answering 24/7 for all calls to enable access to the enquiries wherever we are 7 days a week.

With Apache you are dealing with an experienced pest control operator and timber pest inspector with over 25 years experience in the pest control industry. An accreditation in asbestos awareness and assessed as competent in electrical appliance-testing ensures we bring a broad understanding of safety issues to any and all customer inquiries.

We have no issues having photos of pest problems or concerns emailed for assessment as our time allows. This option we have found to be particularly valuable where travel to remote locations may cause unnecessary expense.

Working with the industry's best in Building Inspections
Apache engages the services of Glasgow Building Inspections to bring you the best in combined pre-purchase inspections. GBIS is well respected throughout Gippsland, industry accredited in Building Surveying and Inspections and fully insured.

For over five years we have had the pleasure of offering our combined inspections in conjunction with this company that operates ethically, professionally and in the best interest of their clients.

Inspections - what you should know
Unlike a car, a home doesn't require a certificate of worthiness to facilitate change of ownership. Sadly this has been the cause of much heartache over the years as new owners discover faults and issues not detected prior to taking possession. Due Diligence Checklists can often found somewhere on Real Estate websites but in reality few probably read them; so how can the pitfalls best be avoided?

Issues are found in many areas of a home and can be wide-ranging. The most common concerns for purchasers often relate to:

  • things that have been done to the property without a council permit
  • the presence of termites in or around the home
  • the cost to rectify these issues over and above the purchase price

As important as the above issues are they represent only a small proportion of the problems that can eat into your bank balance, not to mention your peace of mind.

These are some examples of commonly overlooked considerations:

  • House stumps in poor condition can easily cost upwards of $10,000 to replace and may even necessitate the evacuation of the home whilst the work is undertaken. It would rightly be identified as an important matter if found during a pre-purchase inspection. We would all like to think that nomination of such an issue within a report would be automatic but unfortunately this area is sometimes missed as some find crawling through subfloor areas either too difficult and bothersome. Where possible we have both pest and building inspectors accessing the subfloor and roof void together, not only for safety but to facilitate effective assessment in these important areas from both perspectives.

  • A home built using asbestos containing materials (ACM's) is common if built prior to 1985 - (after which such materials were banned). The common phrase "if it's sealed it's safe" in relation to asbestos is only part of the story. Many homes of such an age are purchased in good faith with a view to refurbishment, renovation or to extend - all worthy reasons for investment in these commonly affordable assets. What seemed good value at the time however can become a concern as you realise engaging a specialist asbestos removalist may be required before you can even begin to see gains from your allocated home improvement budget. Common costs of removal of asbestos cladding or roofing on a modest home could be $10,000. Being caught doing it yourself could lead to an even bigger fine, not to mention health risks you have caused to yourself, your family and your neighbours. Deaths from asbestos related illness in home renovators is sadly expected to peak in 2023. We have already seen the peak in deaths of asbestos workers and tradespeople. As pest control operators with an awareness of these dangers we have changed our method of treatment in such homes accordlingly. Not all pest control companies understand or are aware of the method changes needed. Inspectors commonly suspect asbestos but have no understanding of the risks that accompany pest treatments. Our combined Timber Pest & Builiding inspection provides you with sensible and appropriate information.

  • Cracked house slabs, leaking subfloor plumbing and unsafe structures are just a few of the many common defects that could find you reaching into your wallet for repairs or alterations in order to meet recommended safety standards. Engaging less vigilant inspectors may be cheaper initially but more costly in the end. Saving a few dollars at the start may give little comfort when things go wrong. Research your options and appoint the one you feel most suitable, an inspector being pedantic should never be seen as a liability if you are the purchaser. Gaining a thorough awareness of existing faults and having them presented in an unbiased and independent manner should be highly valued. These are important points of understanding for you as purchaser and why inspections are always recommended prior to the expiry of cooling off periods. A good real estate agent works cooperatively with professional, accredited inspectors and provides the best chance of avoiding pitfalls.

Our 12+ Page reports for both Building and Timber Pest Inspections are emailed or posted within 36hrs. A call or text message on the day of the inspection will let you know promptly of any major concerns. We carry a range of test equipment for use during inspections including a thermal imaging camera (to assist but not replace effective traditional inspection methods), moisture meters and a host of other tools. We arrived prepared, not only with experience and knowledge but everything that's required to provide an honest and frank assessment.

Testing for hidden dangers
Ancillary (supplementary) tests bring uniqueness to our range of services and considers the health you and your family. At Apache we believe we are unique within the industry to bring such comprehensive testing.

The Ancillary Tests we offer include the following:

  • Polarity testing of all power outlets - This service is available to all homes with power connected. Incorrect polarity can mean power is live to appliances even when outlet switch is turned off. Any faulty outlets detected are taped over for safety and assessemnt by a licenced electrician is advised with the report.

  • EMF testing (electromagnetic field testing) - Power needs to be in use within the home to conduct this test. Some electical equipment, incorrectly earthed wiring and smart electrical meters can create unhealthy electromagnetic fields. For those living with pacemakers EMF levels are particularly important. Advice will be given on whether further assessment by a licenced electrician is required to remedy wiring issues or advice on bed location or meter shielding if issues are in relation to the smart meter. We carry both Single and Tri-axis testers.

  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide testing - Harmful living evirnoments can be caused by poorly ventilated, incorrectly installed or non-complaint gas applainces. Our test that will require gas appliances to be turn on within the home for a short period will ensure safe levels are not being breached. Symptoms of high or prolonged exposure to carbon dioxide include headaches, increased heart rate, dizziness, fatigue, rapid breathing, visual and hearing dysfunctions. Dangerously high levels can cause death within minutes. Unsafe levels will be logged within the report and homeowners notified as a licenced gas plumber will be required to correct any issues.

  • CH20 Formaldehyde testing - Formaldehyde is found in resins used in the manufacture of composite wood products (i.e., hardwood plywood, particleboard and medium-density fiberboard), building materials and insulation. Household products such as glues, permanent press fabrics, paints and coatings, lacquers and finishes, and paper products also contain formaldehyde as do preservatives used in some medicines, cosmetics and other consumer products such as dishwashing liquids and fabric softeners, fertilizers and pesticides. It's also a byproduct of combustion and certain other natural processes and therefore is also found in emissions from un-vented, fuel burning appliances like gas stoves or kerosene space heaters and cigarette smoke. New homes are particularly vulnerable where new materials may not have had the opportunity to release their gases in a sufficiently ventilated environment. Remedy may be as simple as increasing ventilation for a short period of time.

  • Sound Pressure Envronmental Noise Testing - A simple db measurement of noise that may affect your home. Ideally suited to locations that may be affected by traffic, industrial noise or workplace machinery. Readings between 30 - 130db can be recorded using our "A" weighted tester.

All of the above tests are conveniently bundled into one inexpensive package and will be undertaken where possible on the day of inspection. A modest call back fee is charged for a return visit if requested on a later date.

Presumptive Asbestos Registers and Testing
All outsourced public and commercial constructions built prior to the 1st January 2003 by law require an Asbestos Register. This register carries a list of presumed asbestos containing materials (ACMs) including their location, quantity and condition. This register is made available to tradespersons prior to commencement of work on site and to auditors for inspection purposes if requested. The register must be updated at 5-yearly intervals or when any changes have been made to the environment that may affect the accuracy of the register. The register requires appropriate safety practices and precautions be undertaken when working with or in an area where prumsumed ACMs are listed. Definitive testing of asbestos can only be made by taking a sample and having it tested in a Nationally Accredited Testing Laboratory (NATA facility). To eliminate areas of presumed ACMs from a register definitive test results are required. We are accredited to safely collect samples for testing and to furnish the test results to the amended register.

Where non-offical indications are requested we have developed our own in-house methods to give increased accuracy of samples taken. Presumed ACMs tested in this manner have a higher likelihood of accuracy than visual assessemnt alone. For a small fee these tests can be undertaken on-site during an inspection where samples can be taken with homeowners permission. Samples need only be  the size of a 20c piece and we safely seal the sample area afterwards.

All asbestos related tests and services are available at varying costs based on service requested.

     Please Note:
Presumed ACMs will nominated within an inspection report as part of the pre-purchase inspection, but does not include Registers or Sample Testing. Please read the Dept of Health Asbestos Information for Homeowners

DH Reg. A300
Pest Control - the flagship of our business
We started in pest control in 1991 and have witnessed many changes within the industry since then. Chemicals once commonplace have been removed from use as health concerns became evident. Being aware as a pest control company is vitally important. Some gases and chemicals that Australia still allows have been banned in other countries due to their suspected carcinogenic properties. Some still used here have been banned elsewhere because of the effect on airspace within homes, in some cases causing retardation in young chldren growing up and crawling in rooms where subfloor treatments have caused contamination within the home that may persist for up to 10 years.

At Apache we use safe chemicals based not just on Australian assessment but by remaining aware of the chemicals and methods causing concern overseas. Using safe chemicals may sometimes cost a little more and methods take a little longer but a good reputation is something we strive to maintain. Apache staff now employ special treatment processes for homes built using asbestos containing materials. In time we hope legislation will require this from all pest technicians - we trying to highlight the dangers that need to beconsidered by authorities in this regard wherever opportunities arise.

All of our work comes with a warranty for your peace of mind. In an industry that in general is hesitant to offer warranties, we believe it is only fair to do so.

We offer treatment for most insect pests, bee and wasp nests, rodents and termites.

Ph: 0459 569 138 - Live Answer 24/7
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Our service can be contacted 24/7 by ringing our Live Answering on: 0459 569 138


Postal Address: PO Box 176 Yarragon Victoria 3823

Test & Tag Compliance / Microwave Leakage Testing
As part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive safety service to our clients we are pleased to be able to offer Test & Tag Compliance / Microwave Leakage Testing through accreditation that also enables replacement of plugs and cords where required. All work is carried out on-site at cost effective rates. We are White Card holders and will happily attend construction sites for your added convenience to test and tag leads and equipment whilst you go about your work uninterrupted. Have tea-room appliances checked for safety and have your site contractors tags refreshed at the same time.

Domestic and Commercial premises are full of appliances that should be checked regularly. Physical damage is not always evident and can be the source of death or injury if not checked. A dangerously leaking microwave may look no different to any other, but rough door closing or handling can trigger seal and leakage issues.  

We can arrange  the test and tag service at discounted rates when bundled into any service package.
Over 25 years experience...
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